Why you should be using a smartwatch in 2024?

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By Sumon Kumar

Our own lives became intertwined with technology a few decades ago. Today, we find it difficult to take a step without incorporating technology into our daily routines. Anyway, without delving too deeply into the topic of technology, let’s focus on our main discussion for today Why you should be using a smartwatch in 2024?

Working out with a smart watchI remember being quite active a few years ago, and I still am, of course. I used to run and jump a lot, so my mother would often say, “Honey, you’re always so active. Do you know how the food system works in our body?”

Later, I realized that my mom was referring to our diet and calorie consumption. It’s crucial to consume and burn a certain amount of calories to maintain our health. However, in our busy lives, it’s often challenging to manage food intake and burn calories effectively. That’s when I thought, “If only I had a friend who could constantly monitor these aspects for me.” However, this seemed unrealistic until I discovered that technology could provide a solution. When I learned that a smartwatch could track both time and my physical movements, I was amazed. Regular monitoring could provide me with valuable insights, and I was thrilled to find something that met my needs. Without further delay, I invested some of the money I had saved and purchased a smartwatch from the market that day.
Although a smartwatch is capable of many incredible functions in today’s advanced technology era, some things are really useful for us. Today, I will share with you some of my real-world experiences on why you should own a smartwatch in 2024.

1. Regular body monitoring for healthy living: By wearing a smartwatch, we enter into an ecosystem, i.e., the various sensors of the smartwatch monitor the movements of different parts of our body and report it to us. Let’s take a look at some of the sensors and how they help us stay healthy.

Sportswoman wearing smartwatcha. Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring: In today’s technology era, the heart-rate monitoring system present in smartwatches acts as the user’s health companion, providing real-time insight into various levels of cardiac health, including your heart health, and fitness.

Your heart rate is continuously monitored by a sensor called PPG (photoplethysmography) from the beginning of the day to the night, even when you are resting. Which is placed by almost all smartwatches.

b. Continuous Foot Step Monitoring: The Accelerometer sensor on your smartwatch continuously senses body movement on a 3-axis accelerometer. A sensor that records all your movement data from the beginning to the end of the day, and which enables your smartwatch to detect whether you are walking forward, jogging, or standing.
Data received throughout the day is stored in your smartwatch’s memory for further processing. Usually, the smartwatch you use is connected to a smartphone or laptop which is constantly synced and processed when the data is transferred to the software due to which you get a breakthrough real-time report.

c. Quality Sleep time Monitoring: Most smartwatches have an accelerometer sensor as well as a gyroscope sensor.
With this gyroscope sensor, the smartwatch measures angular velocity or rotational speed around one or more axes. It also detects changes in orientation or rotation. and analyze this data. And so smartwatches can determine when you fall asleep, how long you spend in each sleep stage, and when you wake up. As technology continues to improve, smartwatches are becoming increasingly accurate in tracking sleep and providing comprehensive sleep analysis.


Woman wearing a smartwatch2. Help you take calls and respond to messages quickly: Think about it! You are now living in a very technology-dependent age. In many aspects of your life, you exchange information from one end of the world to another through your smart devices like smartphones, desktop computers, or laptops. And when any information comes to us on these devices, we have to turn on them repeatedly to know them, but smartphones have solved that problem. However, taking the phone out of the pocket repeatedly to check notifications is a lot of trouble. And this is where the ultimate endeavor of technology, the smartwatch has been invented to relieve you from this hassle. Through this, you can receive all your notifications, messages, and even calls and receive without taking your mobile phone out of your pocket, and through this our life has become much easier.

This work connects our smartphone or computer/laptop with the smartwatch on our hand through Bluetooth technology and keeps syncing constantly.

3. Read or reply to social media messages very quickly: As we have discussed above point, by using a smartwatch you can easily get all incoming calls, notifications, or messages on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop instantly without any hassle. Similarly, you can reply to that message or call instantly without any hassle.

4. Easily monitor your phone: Along with the benefits of the above, you can view your content such as smartphone battery percentage, current location, network percentage, and many more on Smartwatch. For this, you need to connect the smartwatch of your used model with your smartphone via Bluetooth and perform some functions, which is mainly through the help-up provided by the company with the smartwatch.
Note that different companies provide different apps for their smartwatches, most of which provide the same functions, but some features may be more or less available depending on the model. 


Woman making contactless payment with a smart watch at a coffee shop.5. Handle digital payments: In today’s age, we have moved away from the use of paper money in our daily lives. Instead, we got a kind of digital payment system which is our credit card or various authorized payment apps on smartphones. To make this payment, we have to use a QR code or NFC technology, which we do through our smartphones. But now you can make this payment faster and safer with your used smartwatch. So if you have a smartwatch, you don’t have to take out your credit card or smartphone from your pocket to make any payment, you can easily do it with your smartwatch.


6. Long time Battery life: You might be thinking that we are talking so much about smartwatches, but how long can this best friend smartwatch stay with you throughout the day?
Yes, I am now going to tell you about the important thing, which is the battery life of the smartwatch. That is the device that is helping you so much, how long will you get the battery backup of the device?
Most manufacturers use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Li-ion rechargeable batteries guarantee a long battery life because they enable many charge-discharge cycles without a memory effect.

powerbank battery charge smartwatch on travelHowever, many companies use lithium-polymer (Li-po) batteries in their smartwatches. These batteries are known for their high energy density and lightweight features, making them ideal for compact devices like smartwatches.

Both batteries have many pros and cons which can beat each other but to discuss it in detail we will deviate from the topic of this article so the above two types of batteries have different features which will be discussed in another article.



7. Get a Report for Gym and Fitness Tracker: Friends step by step we are learning about the different features of smartwatches in this article and we are trying to understand how these features of smartwatches are making our daily lives easier. Now we are going to know about a very necessary feature of smartwatches which it easier to improve our fitness.
As we know, half of a problem is solved when we know where the problem is and why. Think how little we do to take care of our bodies. Knowing some of the above, we have realized that through a smartwatch, we can monitor our daily calorie intake through food, step count, sleep measurement, etc.

Sporty woman workout in gym and checking her progress on her smart watch. However, many of those who are a little more conscious about their bodies prefer to exercise. But many of us do not know the correct rules of exercise so we join professional gyms.
Here is the Accelerometer sensor in the smartwatch (which we discussed earlier).This Accelerometer sensor collects various information from our body during our exercise and gives us an effective report which gives us an excellent experience of exercise.

8. Waterproof Feature: Prouty says that as long as a product has at least an IP65 rating, it’s fine to use it in unpredictable weather when you’re outdoors.

That said, if you want a device that can be submerged in water (when you swim or when you’re at the beach, for example) you’ll want a product with an IP67 or IP68 rating.

“With IP67, the devices are considered water-resistant to a depth of about 3 feet for up to 30 minutes,” Kelso said. “This level of protection is also generally suitable for accidental submersion, such as dropping your device in a pool, but may not be ideal for prolonged swimming sessions or deep-water activities longer than 30 minutes.”



9. Increase fashion: The fashion industry has recognized the potential of smartwatches.

High-end designers are collaborating with technology companies to create stunning wearables as well as develop fashion sense in smartwatches that seamlessly merge fashion and technology.

Woman On Holiday Hiking Through Woods Using GPS App On Smart Watch To NavigateOne aspect of the smartwatch that makes it interesting! It can blend seamlessly into our daily lives and the subtlety that enhances our experience.
Whether it’s checking your heart rate during a business meeting or getting turn-by-turn directions while cycling through town, wearables have become an integral part of modern lifestyles.


10. Safety and Security: We have so far understood through the above discussion how much a change in daily life can be achieved by using a smartwatch.
But the most important thing here is privacy and security. Because when a smartwatch stores our body, human health, bank account, credit card information, smart wallet information, etc., we do not want to compromise the privacy and security of this device.
Here I would like to inform you that most of the reputed smartwatch bands in the world use the software or operating system of only a few companies in their smartwatches. For example, watchOS, Android, iOS, Tizen, webOS, etc. And all these operating systems are software from reputed companies in the world, due to which security is given priority in them, just like smartphones.

Conclusion: All in all, the bottom line is that having a smartwatch on hand means having a frustrated friend or colleague with you at all times, capable of making your life easier. Through the above discussion, we have tried to understand how by using a smartwatch we can improve our physical, and mental health, food intake, increase body performance, productivity, etc. And for all these reasons come 2024 you should at least be using a smartwatch.

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